Employee Benefit Management


Having an excellent benefit program is a crucial factor to maintain current employees and attract a new one with high potential for a company. With the dedication of such employees, the company can securely and sustainably grow. Many companies are designing a new benefit package consisted of a variety of benefits which more customize to the needs of each group of employees.

As the leader in the total solutions of claim management for insurance companies, TPA has designed services which helps all companies to manage their fruitful benefit packages and claim settlement efficiently to leverage the satisfactory of employees for their company with the services below.


1. Claim Adjudication and Settlement

We provide full-option service for claim management to assure that claim process is according to the standard and comply with the policy of each company with the professional team of doctors, nurses, and expert staffs to manage the services as follows.

  • Managing system and data entry of the employees and their family members
  • Reviewing and assessing medical claims based on the terms and conditions of the coverage
  • Detecting abnormality of claim data and eligibility for fraud verification
  • Managing paperwork both on paper and in electronic form


2. Cashless Hospitalization Service

We provide benefit checking system for employees and their eligible family members to verify eligibility before hospitalizing with no need of cash advance.

3. Hospital Network Management and Expansion

Our network hospital coverage is nationwide with high standard and quality services. We expand our network every year with TPA eligibility verification system provided. We also conduct TPA system training regularly to enhance the convenience and increase satisfactory of the employees and all eligible family members.

4. Hospital Direct Payment

We provide direct settlement to all hospitals to improve efficiency and reduce payment processing cost of companies.
The employees of our customers can enjoy faster reimbursement with high accuracy.

5. Call Center 24/7

We offer assistance through our call center to coordinate among the employees and eligible family members, hospitals, and HR team. We also respond to inquiries i.e. coverage conditions, suggestion and complaint from the employees and eligible family members with our experienced team to provide highly satisfied services to customers 24/7

6. Data Analytics and Report Service

The fast and precise data acquisition will help a company to analyze a situation and tendency timely and accurately. We provide our customers necessary data access with convenience and agility for both system input and data analytics under our highest information security standard.




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